What's GVN

What's GVN

GVN is an industry leader and an excellent company for outsourcing services. We are a company in step with the times, which are constantly changing, and we are ready to assist the customer with competence, efficiency and cost containment.

Our philosophy is to follow the customer closely, supporting them in different fields: from event planning to partner selection, from transport to logistics, from supporting HR to carrying out legislative and bureaucratic issues related to the activity of the customer, combined moreover with our knowledge in the construction sector.

GVN is a company in constant movement and careful to update itself in all the fields mentioned; thanks to our skills in shipping, porterage services, transport and logistics we are always able to walk alongside the customer and also move their business elsewhere. We serve both the public and private sectors, areas to which we are mainly dedicated as partners, rather than suppliers, in order to achieve every need, through tailor-made solutions.

Close contact with the customer guarantees that we can assist them quickly, to solve any need, illustrating the best way to solve the problem. In this way, we are able to satisfy the partner's wishes with professionalism and efficiency, aiming to trace a continuous path between us and the customer.

Cost optimisation

A quality service that also allows for cost containment? With GVN all this is possible. Our qualified team is at your side, to ensure that the selection, training and management of personnel guarantee a progressive reduction in costs and, at the same time, an enhancement of the services offered.

Labour management

A support company and a good partner: GVN is the fusion of these two legitimate expectations, that are not always found in the same collaborator. With us, you will have essential starting points for every successful business: first of all, the qualification and professionalism of the staff, who are able to guarantee assistance in every sector.

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